Tourbuzz 3D Tours are immersive virtual tours emulating 3D environments using spherical images. The 3D tours are created using the Tourbuzz platform, and the images that are produced with the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera.


Insert the unbranded 3D Tour link into the MLS. Market the branded tour link throughout your social media!


While a standard virtual tour does a great job displaying Pierce Pixels photographs, a 3D immersive tour will guide potential buyers through an online interactive experience resulting in more serious buyer showings.


Adding a 3D immersive tour to your photo shoot minimally extends the normal shoot time of your listing. These Immersive 3D tours are often half the cost of a Matterport scan.


Hand a 3D Pocket Website souvenir to your client as a closing gift! The licence to view the tour last forever! *additional costs apply, ask for details.


Because so many of our clients add a TourBuzz virtual tour to their shoot options, when TourBuzz announced their NEW Immersive 3D Pocket Websites were now LIVE, Pierce Pixels wanted to offer you a fast, affordable option for potential buyers to be “Wowed” by an interactive, online experience!

Introductory pricing is good through July 4th, 2020


<2000 Sq.Ft

  • $120 Value


<3000 Sq.ft

  • $150 value


<4000 Sq.Ft

  • $200 value

Prices do not include a standard photo virtual tour - add for only $30

We use the Rioch Theta Z1 for the highest quality image!

Frequently asked questions

Much like a typical TourBuzz virtual tour, immersive 3D tours will typically be available within 24 hours of the shoot or sooner. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the listing, a 3D tour can take 20 to 45 minutes of additional time on location to photograph with the Theta Z1 camera.  Your clients should be made aware of this as they will be asked to move to a location out of camera sight.

Unfortunately, no.  The 360 degree view of each photograph, with multiple 360 photographs per room, do not allow others to “hide” from the field of view.

Each 3D photo needs to taken in close proximity to previous ones.  Because of this, some exterior shots can be taken as a “Jump To” option.  Additionally, 3D photos cannot be taken in hard drizzle or rain.

Immersive 3D tours are designed to give potential buyers a flowing tour of the property.  We capture the great “views” of your listing through our HiRes Photography.

No. While they have the same great look and feel, an Immersive 3D tour takes a special camera and separate technology.  Therefore,  there are different costs involved.

Please call for details.