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Use Professional Photography to Build Your Business

Remodeling Companies, Architechs, Business Owners, Airbnb's, FSBO's and Rental Properties

Pricing For Commercial Photography

Pricing a Commercial Shoot
The Pricing Page lists already discounted prices for agents due to three factors:
1 - MLS listings are short term
Most listings are only on the market for 42 days (May '21), then the photos are never used again.
2 - Realtors provide a long term volume of work
They have multiple listings throughout the year (5 to 15+) often including other services beyond photography.
3 - Often agents refer Pierce Pixels to their colleagues
Pierce Pixels has grown dramatically due to the number of referrals and great reviews new clients provide.
A Perpetual Usage License
This is a unique license that allows you to use my copyrighted photos for advertising your business on websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. A draft copy is available upon request.
What you can not do with a Perpetual Usage License
You can not resell, relicense, or redistribute my photos without express written consent. (Stagers, architects, and any others need to purchase their own license to market their businesses).
Why are Commercial shoots more expensive?
It comes down to term length and various methods the copyrighted photos are going to be used. The Perpetual Usage License allows for a wide variety of uses over a 3 year term.
If I want to listen to "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones I pay $1.30. When Bill Gates wanted to use it to market Windows 95 he paid about $4 million. Same song, same length, same instruments. The difference: He was using their art to sell his product.