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Premium Floorplans

Why Market with a Floorplan from Pierce Pixels?

80% of buyers told Zillow they were more likly to view a home if it included a floorplan

  • Everyone in the industry hates Zillow for a number of reasons, but their stats matter 🙂
  • Windows, built-ins, countertops, and the locations of all of the appliances are included. My standard is the competition’s premium package.
  • Weekly analytics with stats on visits, use time, source, and more!
  • Fast and affordable. Typically delivered in 24 to 48 hours, these floorplans look great and are very affordable.

The Tourbuzz platform not only provides a 3D tour but also allows for an integrated Floor Plan, Room Measurements, and Square Footage for any listing. Its unique blend of photography and measurement that allows for an incredible amount of useful information to be provided for prospective buyers. New tech means you can put away your tape measure.