Effective Until Further Notice

COVID-19 Policy

On Monday March 23, 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12. The order did not specify real estate services among the business or industries required to close. However, the order does require all businesses that remain in operation to employ social distancing guidelines.  I (Pierce Pixels) will continue to operate carefully to ensure compliance with these requirements. I will maintain at least six feet of social distance and wear protective gloves during the shoot. Additionally, I am outlining the following changes for each photoshoot:

  • Please limit the number of occupants during the photoshoot to no more than two (the realtor and one occupant) or provide vacant access if possible. Family and friends in the property shuffling items around during the shoot cannot be considered “social-distancing.”
  • The property MUST be “show ready” before my arrival and will be shot “as is”.
    • Trashcans (indoor and outdoor) placed in a garage.
    • All lights turned on
    • All doors to rooms and stairways open. Closets closed
    • All window blinds up or shutters tilted as desired
    • All toilet seats down
  • These guidelines are for everyone’s protection during this unprecedented time.  If I believe that the property or occupants are not in compliance with these guidelines I will need to suspend the shoot, and contact the agent to reschedule at a later date. A travel fee of $75 will be charged for any rescheduled shoots due to non-compliance.
  • By accepting a booking with Pierce Pixels you are also agreeing with these guidelines. 
  • Additional photo touch-up requests will be charged $5 per photo if they are possible. 

Please contact me directly at 503-707-9534 or by email at brian@piercepixels.com if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding.