Drone Photography

*FAA Certified Professional

7-15 - 4K Photos

Beautiful Retouching

MLS / HiRes Delivery

When added to Interiors Shoot


Drone Photos Only


You’ll be amazed at what a few extra feet of height can do to showcase a home and surrounding property better than a DSLR from the curb!
Drone photography and aerial video are visually stunning, social media savvy, and affordable for most any size of listing.  Schedule them with an indoor Pixel Package and save $75! 
Please note that drone shoots are weather-dependent since I cannot fly in the rain, fog, or high wind (which makes for a pretty lousy video). Please pick the appointment time you would like. When it comes through on my end, I will check the weather to see how close we can get, and then I’ll be in touch.
In addition, there are numerous FAA legal requirements, and not all areas can be photographed from a drone due to proximity to airports, certain municipal buildings, and the population at large. I am an FAA Certified Drone Pilot.  If you are interested in a unique way to show off a property, add a Drone Package to your Booking and I will investigate the viability and contact you for scheduling.