The Ultimate Marketing Kit

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"Virtual Tours" are are out - The Marketing Kit is in!

Single Property Listing Website
Custom NON branded listing site links for MLS
Custom BRANDED listing site links for marketing
Social Media Tools
Custom Printable Flyer Templates
One Click download page
Fully customizable Agent Account
Link to share with assistants without login
Media embed ability
Daily Traffic Results & Weekly Traffic Reports
Lead Generation Number
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Single Property Sites

Each real estate marketing kit comes with its very own single property listing site. These sites are totally customizable and carry the agent’s full branding information such as headshot, logos and contact information. 17 design templates are available and more are added all the time. These sites can be set up with co-listing agents and assistants copied on all emails.

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Social Media Reels & Videos

YES! You can do this!

Adding your listing to your social media account has been made intuitive and fast! Customize your social media videos for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram Reels or Stories.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos (virtual tours) give your listings instant exposure. Every website includes a branded video, and an unbranded optimized promo video built from the still photos taken by Pierce Pixels.

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Custom Flyer Templates

8 different customizable flyer templates for printing or creating emails and html web pages. Easy to use you can quickly swap photos from your media page into and out of the flyer templates to create evertying you need for print marketing.